Swift, automated transcription for your audio and video files.

Starting at ${{ $ctrl.getPlanPricePerHour($ctrl.PLAN.MONTHLY) }}/hour or ¢ per minute. *This is not a typo.*
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Simon Says Simon Says
Simon Features

Simon Says is the transcription website for the media industries.

Interviews. Podcasts. Documentaries. We got you.

Transcribing is immediate and live.

Upload your audio and video files.
Pay. We charge by recording length and as low as ${{ $ctrl.getPlanPricePerMinute($ctrl.PLAN.MONTHLY) }} per minute.
Transcribing completes in minutes.
Make your edits and export to any editing software, Word or Excel.

Easy: upload and done.
Simon Features

With none of the aggravations.

Simon Says applies speech recognition to your media files, transcribing it in a fraction of the usual time and cost.

The transcripts are timecoded and timecode synced and can be logged, bookmarked, annotated, shared, edited, and exported to Word, Excel and your NLE software.

Tips to improve the transcription accuracy.

Simon Features
  • Any Format

    Upload almost any format: .mp4, .mov, .mp3, .wav, .avi, and more.

  • Multi-lingual

    US English, UK English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin, and Japanese.

  • Accuracy

    We have advanced speech recognition systems.

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  • Editing and Bookmarks

    Highlight key quotes and make quick edits.

  • Export

    Download in Word, Excel, SRT and XML formats. Yes, import straight into FCP and Premiere!

  • Security

    Your files are yours, private and confidential. Machine transcription only, never seen by a human.


Choose your plan

As low as {{ $ctrl.getPlanPricePerMinute($ctrl.PLAN.MONTHLY) * 100 }}¢/minute

{{ $ctrl.getPlanInfo($ctrl.PLAN.PAY_AS_YOU_GO).label }}

No monthly fee
  • ${{ $ctrl.getPlanPricePerHour($ctrl.PLAN.PAY_AS_YOU_GO) }} per audio/video hour
  • Export to Word, Premiere, FCP,
    Audition, & others
  • Unlimited editing
  • No commitment

{{ $ctrl.getPlanInfo($ctrl.PLAN.MONTHLY).label }}

${{ $ctrl.getPlanInfo($ctrl.PLAN.MONTHLY).subscriptionCharge }} /month
  • Includes {{ $ctrl.getPlanInfo($ctrl.PLAN.MONTHLY).creditInMinutes / 60 }} hours every month
  • Additional hours
    ${{ $ctrl.getPlanPricePerHour($ctrl.PLAN.MONTHLY) }} / hour ({{$ctrl.getDifferenceBetweenMonthlyAndPayAsYouGo()}}% off)
  • Export to Word, Premiere, FCP,
    Audition, & others
  • Unlimited editing
  • Monthly rollover on unused time
  • Cancel anytime
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